Friday, March 8, 2013

:||: Lost Is BACK!!! :||:

Hello to all my stalkers.
First and foremost, thank you for all sticking around.
I've done a lot of thinking. Trying to decide what to do.
So much has been going on, in and out of the PSP world.
Some of it I don't like, but then again that's in every world.

So what will I do, hmmmmm.
I love PSPing too much to give up.
That being said, Lost is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

What does that mean for you, you ask
More tuts, More Kits, lots of goodies

All I'm asking is that each visitor take a moment and please vote for me.
The link can be found in the right column.

Can't wait to get started either.
Will be looking for new CT to join as well.


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