Monday, May 24, 2010

:||: FTU - Memorial Love Kit :||:

I did it again. lol. A new kit. It was inspired after I attended the MCCP Air Show this past weekend. Memorial day is coming up soon. So this is my way of honoring all those who have fraught for this country I call home. I would also like to thank a dear friend of mine, Mavy from Maverick Skraps for the additional wordarts for this kit.

I deciate this kit to:
my Best friend and sister Alicia (Lisa) Wickner, Retired Marine
a dear and close friend, Cary Epley, Retired Army
my cousin Hiliary Bauer, Air Force

I have a few more names I would like to also thank:

Josh Epley, Army
Josh Smith, Marine Corp

Also all those who remain unnamed, and unknown to us. Those who have placed their lives on the line and for those who paid the ultimate price for freedom. This is for you.


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